IT Doyens provides a Digital Marketing Services that consist of marketing team experts. IT Doyens worked with different companies and clients to deliver results.. We offer standard and entirely custom programs to meet your online needs and offer digital marketing services internationally.

Your Digital Marketing Needs Are Unique

At IT Doyens, our marketing professionals have decades of combined experience. Having worked with many different industries, each with different goals, we know that you and your business have distinct needs and IT Doyens meets all the criteria of your digital marketing needs.

Digital Marketing Services IT Doyens Offers

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is more significant than ever in today’s competitive market. That's why it is difficult to find the right digital marketing partner. IT Doyens is a trusted SEO company with 4-year experience. IT Doyens provides you the different and unique ways to invite online customers that generate web traffic for your business.

IT Doyens make sure that customers can find your business quickly when and where they need you. Our strategy is simple and unique to generate web traffic for your business. IT Doyens make sure that customers can find your business quickly when and where they need you. We produce cost-effective solutions for generating new leads, boosting online traffic, improving search engine rankings and placement for keywords.

The perfect SEO teams have optimized a vast amount of websites in a broad range of development and have fixed hundreds of keywords on the first page of search engine results pages. They make a career out of advanced SEO and keep up with search algorithm changes, they regularly implementing new SEO best practices because the diversity in client's websites they manage because they understand local SEO, organic SEO and can judge and strategize the absolute most effective way for your website to gain the quickest return on investment.

SEO Audit


IT Doyens offers a Full Comprehensive "SEO Audit" and step by step "Plan of Action Report". We give a complete Expert Website Audit that will allow you to get a definitive 'To-Do' list of how to improve your rankings or you need to just get a regular checkup to be sure your existing SEO company is on the right track, not going against Google's recommendations and actually doing something with the money you pay them. Our SEO team experts with over 10 years of SEO experience analyze your Website and provide you with a strategy regarding SEO and digital marketing.


On-Site Analysis: anchor text, browser caching, content delivery, CSS minify, database caching, H1-H2-content, validation, image and text link "Title" optimization, image compression image optimization, interlinking, landing page review, META Tag, mobile search optimization, page caching, product and category page, redirect URL issues, Robots.txt, schema site analysis, semantic content strategy, site speed assessment, social profile Schema, text/content optimization, W3 validation compliance and correction, XML Sitemap.

Full Site Crawl: A detailed site crawl that covers technical, 301 Redirects, server, error resolution (302,404, 500), and on-page indexing problems.

Keyword/Ranking Analysis: Analyze the keywords you would like to rank for online and what would be required to get you the 1st page of Google.

Content Check: Duplicate content evaluation, plagiarized, cross-domain, and low-quality content issues.

Site Review: Review on-site metrics including common site visits, bounce rate, and site speed.


IT Doyens team is fully experienced and we do monthly meeting with the client to describe our work progress and we provide them a Business Analytics Report in which all the details are given regarding their projects.

Social Media Marketing

IT Doyens provides an Social Media Marketing Services and we are expert in doing Social Media whether it is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn or other similar networking sites, our marketing department has the expertise and knowledge to take you on the top where you want to be. Social media is regularly growing, and you need someone who can guide you through the process, and take you one step ahead of your competition.

Our Social Media Marketing expert’s strategy is simple and unique. We built strong social media posts that shape meaningful relationships with customers, increase the number of social media followers, improve your business trust and credibility, and build brand loyalty.


Explore- Research your market and competitors. Manage a social media audit, supported by audience research and competitive analysis.

Strategy- Define a comprehensive strategy, measurable goals and produce a project plan.

Campaign Setup & Implementation- Collaborate with your team, create a content strategy, distribute content and implement advertising campaigns.

Analysis and Reporting - Give a regular reporting on key performance signs and report of social media campaigns.

Lets Work Together

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